Defense & Security

Designed for Diverse Missions

The highly flexible, scalable nature of our products makes them a perfect fit for markets around the world, including defense contractors, the military, security agencies and civil aviation. Regardless of application complexity or mission demands, AECS systems deliver a strategic advantage thanks to their ultralight construction and unprecedented thermal control.

Search, Track & Targeting Pods

AECS systems provide critical thermal control at high altitudes for all ISR airborne pods housing your sensitive technology.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Made with composite and 3-D-printed materials and processes, our compact systems fit various sizes of UAVs without adding substantial weight.

Directed-energy Weapons

High-heat, high-energy DEWs necessitate mature cooling technology capable of regulating the large transients produced by these state-of-the-art weapons. AECS offers cooling power that’s digitally controlled to tight tolerances, resulting in optimal DEW performance. Our systems can handle DEW applications of up to 50 kilowatts. To date, we’ve also designed for applications requiring temperatures as low as 4 kelvin.

Military & Civil Aviation

In military and civil markets, we provide the most efficient conditioned air and liquid-cooling solutions for today’s tightly packaged avionics systems, cabins and galleys.

Ground-based Radar

High temperatures cause noise and other issues that interfere with sensors. Our vapor cycle systems (VCS) efficiently dissipate heat that negatively impacts radar, without the noise and low performance of fan arrays used on legacy systems.

Utility Vehicles

In the harshest climates, cool working conditions get better action out of crew and equipment aboard tanks, Humvees and other heavy-duty vehicles. AECS has existing vapor cycle chiller system solutions for both sensors and crews.

Your Niche Market

When your unique market or platform requires a highly customized solution, remember that innovation is our specialty.