AECS: Born of a Need

Advancing technology, escalating conflicts and growing defense budgets have all contributed to the explosive development of directed-energy weapons and FPA-type sensors. Legacy environmental control systems can no longer effectively relieve the heat loads of these devices, which operate at higher temperatures than ever before.

Invested in Environmental Control

We are a team of seasoned engineers with vast experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Together, we founded Airborne Environmental Control Systems (AECS) to address the rapidly growing need for niche cooling solutions in directed-energy weapons and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) markets, which include airborne and ground-based platforms. AECS heavily invests in leading-edge technologies that are the future of thermal management. Our systems bring you the industry’s lightest solutions with unmatched performance, boasting the greatest efficiency and thermal control in their class.

How We're different

We have quickly captured the attention of the world’s highest-profile tier one OEMs, who now rely on AECS to solve their most difficult thermal challenges. It’s not just our broad market reach that stands out; our business approach does too!

Experienced Production Team

Our production team consists of engineers and technicians with FAA, EASA, and military and defense experience, including all relevant certifications.

Custom Design Capability

When the market fails to meet your mission requirements, AECS custom-designs solutions using a common core approach and an arsenal of modeling, FEA, CFD and thermal engineering software based on NIST standards.

Involved in Every Step

AECS’ experienced engineering staff supervises all prototype and production hardware, and ensures every acceptance test procedure is completed using calibrated and certified equipment. Every product must perform to our customer’s defined standards before final shipment.

Cloud-based Efficiency

AECS utilizes the benefits of a cloud computing platform, which gives us the mobility to take our business anywhere. We can perform on-site analyses and collaborate with you at your home base, on your schedule.

Speed to Market

AECS can design and develop a high performing, cutting edge Environmental Control System at a fraction of the time and development cost when compared to the competition.

Made in America

Because we believe in supporting American enterprises, we proudly keep our manufacturing process local. All raw materials, components and labor originate in the U.S.

Relevant Certifications

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
  • AS9100 Rev D: Aerospace Quality Management System
  • AS9110 Rev B: Aerospace Repair and Maintenance
  • Member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)
  • Member of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)
  • Associate member of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
  • Compliant with ASQR-01 and ASQR-09.2