AS9100 REV D and ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED

Next-Generation Thermal Control

Delivering the best environmental control for land, sea and air. Airborne Environmental Control Systems brings a complete thermal management experience and highly customized solutions, no matter the commercial application. Each system is fully adaptable, intelligent and equipped with total digital control over temperature, volume and pressure. Our exclusive lightweight design and scalable architecture allow our products to go unmatched when it comes to keeping passengers, cargo and avionics equipment at optimal temperatures.

Airborne is in the business of designing custom air innovations for any industry platform, application or thermal challenge.
We make your life a breeze.

VIP/VVIP Transport

Our modular products fit unique customer requirements, even for the most personalized of VIP/VVIPs cabin interiors and staterooms. With room-to-room customization, Airborne provides ubiquitous cabin and equipment temperature control over high-end luxury environments in the air, ground or sea, ensuring passenger comfort.

Controlled Microsystems

We can offer diverse cooling for any onboard need. Whether its keeping galley comestibles fresh or beverages chilled, Airborne has a perfect complement to the full-cabin system.

Compact Critical Care for Ground and Airborne Medevac

Medevac missions in adverse situations require dependable patient thermal control solutions without sacrificing valuable working space – any life support team would agree. The Airborne portable solutions deliver maximum interior versatility for when life is on the line.

Engineering the Future

Airborne can help solve the challenge. Innovation is in our nature; it’s why we thrive on custom design. Do you need a one-of-a-kind cooling solution for a ground- or air-based civil application?
Let’s Innovate Together