About Port Angeles, WA

Our headquarters are surrounded by the majestic Olympic National Park with 600 miles of hiking trails, beaches, and lakes. It’s the best of both worlds. An adventure on land or sea is possible in a moment’s notice. Or take a quick drive around the peninsula and arrive in Seattle to enjoy the offerings of a major metropolitan. This is also the home of a thriving tech corridor, where you are surrounded by top tech talent in the nation and a hotbed of new technology advancing our future.

Meet the Team

Our team at Airborne is comprised of the brightest minds in aerospace. We value nimbleness, experience, and collaboration at every team-member level including our 14 engineers, 16 assembly & testing, 31 shop & facilities, 5 admin & procurement, 2 quality, 2 program, 2 finance, and 1 HR employee(s), who are all dedicated to developing leading-edge technology.

Balance Your Work Life

Schedule your workday for the task at hand. Being flexible is what we take pride in.


Learning and Development

You never stop learning. Every day our team strives to learn something new. We offer access to further your education and for you to develop your skills.


We believe in volunteering for the causes that matter. We support your community giving efforts and encourage you spending time serving others.

Team Culture

Developing cutting-edge products is possible due to our team culture and shared vision to solve challenges for the market. Your imagination is never wasted at Airborne because we all share the future.

Family Matters

You’re a part of our family. That’s why we respect the time you spend with yours. Take some time off to enjoy a little league game or attend a dance recital.


We love being flexible. And not just stretching out all over our desk. Our work takes anywhere and everywhere, but we are always up to the task.